Avoiding The Flinch

October 1, 2012

I grew up in the country, learning to shoot a rifle at an early age. I also learned that outdoor sports, when responsibly undertaken, have the potential for teaching important life-lessons to kids. One such lesson I call “Fighting the Flinch.”

A high-powered rifle makes a loud noise, accompanied by a nudge to the shoulder, often referred to as the “kick.” This combination of crack and push tempts the marksman to flinch as he pulls the trigger, drawing him off target at just the wrong moment, and causing the shot to go wild.  

Many believers make the same mistake when facing problems. Their fear drives them to expect negative experiences. They apply for loans anticipating rejection. They visit the doctor expecting negative results. They live on edge of angst, waiting for the next catastrophe to occur. This is the believer’s version of The Flinch, causing the Christian to lose faith-focus when he needs to stay on target.  

The rifleman overcomes The Flinch by keeping his eyes open throughout the sequence of aiming and firing. For some reason, forcing his eyes to remain on target overcomes the urge to cringe. The Christian keeps himself in faith by focusing on the promise of God.  

Expecting the worst won’t help you receive the best. Use your force of will to expect blessings instead of problems. Keep your eyes on God’s word; for he is not a man that He should lie, neither is He a son of man that he should change His mind. Has he spoken, and will He not do it, or has He promised and will He not make it good?

When faced with a challenge, choose to expect the best. Keep your eyes on His promise and He’ll make it a reality in your life.