Bio: I'm a professional songwriter/former recording artist/novelist, who likes to write adventures set in exotic locales. I have a special love for the tropics--jungles and beaches--that's reflected in both my stories and personal life. (In the form of hobbies like breeding parrots, growing orchids, and keeping saltwater reef aquariums.) I travel widely, striving to write about the places I visit in a way that will make readers feel they've been there too. I've always seen this world as a place of wonder, surpassed only by the people who inhabit it and it's divine Creator.

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One Response to “About”

  1. Hi there, David

    I blog for International Christian Fiction Writers (ICFW). We are authors from across the globe, writing fiction with a foreign flair, for His glory!

    I was reading the first pages of Hummingbird (via Look Inside on Amazon), and you have me hooked already. I will have to purchase the book come pay day.

    I notice you write stories set in foreign locations, and I believe you’d be a good fit for ICFW. I would like to do an author interview with you, as well as book reviews on your work (once I’ve read them) for ICFW. Would you be interested?

    I found your work through the Helping Hands website as I have recently submitted a manuscript to them which they have accepted for publication. I just need to sign the Agreement but only received it yesterday. How have you found your publishing experience with HH?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Marion Ueckermann

    PS. My son is a missionary too – in Finland. He did his training with Operation Mobilisation in South Africa where we live. He is currently developing an innovative new social media mobile app to be used in missions. It’s really exciting stuff! You can see more on

    or their website

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